Unit Prices & Performance

Unit Prices

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As at 31 October 2019

3 mths

1 yr
3 yrs %   # p.a.  5 yrs % #p.a. 10 yrs % #p.a. Since inception % # p.a.
Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund* 0.59 36.23 13.69 12.20 11.07 12.85
Benchmark (S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index) (1.83) 14.41 10.38 9.62 4.62 5.76
Excess return* 2.42 21.82 3.31 2.58 6.45 7.09

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment may rise or fall with the changes in the market.              
Performance returns:

  • # Inception date for the Fund is 8 October 2008, return annualised.

  • Returns over 12 months are annualised

  • *Net returns are calculated after deducting management fees and are pre-tax.

** Performance figures are calculated using withdrawal values and assume that income is reinvested. Annual management fees and expenses have been taken into account; however, no allowance has been made for entry fees, tax or any rebates that may be given. Performance data sourced from S&P/ASX and NAB Asset Servicing (Custodian and registry provider). Investors should be aware that past performance is not indicative of future performance. Returns can be volatile, reflecting rises and falls in the value of underlying investments. The indices are not managed and do not incur fees and expenses.